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About us:

The Comp-X Difference

Hands on ownership

Our company owners are here every day and actively manage the company. Have a problem? You can speak directly to the owners.

We’re a family company

Many of our key people have been with Comp-X since we were founded in 2005, and some of us have worked together since even before Comp-X was formed.

We believe in customer service

You’ll never have to press “1” to speak with us. We’ll never outsource our call center and we’ll always provide the best customer experience.

About Comp-X Medical

Comp-X Medical was founded in 2005 to support claims professionals providing transportation and language services to injured employees in New Jersey. Today, we provide comprehensive ancillary health care services nationwide. While our services and operations have grown over the past 17 years, what hasn’t changed is our commitment to the clients and injured employees we work with every day.

The Comp-X family of companies includes Comp-X Medical, Comp-X Wellness and RePat Repatriation Services. Together, our companies provide ancillary health care and repatriation services to support injured employees. Our clients include workers’ compensation carriers, third-party administrators, state funds and governmental entities, legal teams, and self-insured employers.

Across each of our brands, we are differentiated by our commitment to customer service and a passion for doing whatever it takes to support claims professionals in delivering care. As such, our U.S.-based team is available 24/7/365 and every referral we receive is handled with care.

When claims professionals call our company, we answer the phone without phone trees or long hold times. From the moment the phone is answered to the time the service is fulfilled, our only priority is supporting the needs of our customers.

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Our Unique Approach

When making hiring decisions, we pay attention to soft skills. Our philosophy is that it’s easy to provide industry-specific training, but soft skills make our associates more adept at providing personalized care to customers, anticipating needs, and delivering a higher level of support.


We seek to understand before acting, to listen before speaking. We’re constantly thinking ahead and strategizing on the best way to achieve positive results.


We are passionate about helping injured employees and customers reach their goals and achieve positive clinical and financial outcomes.


We have expertise in the markets we serve. We’re not afraid to think outside the box to provide what’s important to our clients.



We apply a “people-first” approach to business decisions to guide the way we support the customers we care for every day.


Charities & Partnerships

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Kids’ Chance of N.J.

Kids’ Chance of Delaware

American Association of Payers, Administrators and Networks


American Ambulance Association

American Translators Association

Central Jersey Claims

Case Management Society of America

International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals

North Jersey Claims Association

New Jersey Self Insurers

Public Risk Management Association

Risk and Insurance Management Society

South Jersey Claims Association

Workers Compensation Institute (WCI)

N.H. Nurse Case Manager

“Comp-X Medical is accessible to us even after traditional work hours and on the weekends. There is an ease with ordering ancillary services through them and orders are delivered timely! We are very satisfied with our experience.”

A.B. Claims Manager

“Comp-X has provided an overall savings of 18% and reduced our disabilities days since transferring our ancillary services to them from another national vendor in 2019. We have been provided a higher quality of services, better outcomes and ease of doing business.”

Better Service Starts Here

Every day, our team works hard to provide the highest level of service. Whether that means going the extra mile to take care of an injured employee or making the workday easier for busy claims professionals, we’re here to make a difference. Learn what the claims professionals and nurse case managers who work with us say about our service. 

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